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One of the Performer line's greatest advantages is the huge variety of different lenses variations. Athletes and other individuals find their best lenses, selecting from the series

  • Mono with fixed tint in classical colours
  • ActiSun mit fixed tint, polarizing or photochromic lenses.

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Performer ACTIsun lenses block 100% of the sun’s UV rays by applying different  technologies: In its basic state Trivex is crystal-clear. Coloured pigments, embedded in the surface, photochromic molecules that react to changing light, polarising films that are chemically mould into the lens or a combination of these technologies provide the desired filter effects.

ACTIsun amplifier with orange-brown filter, basic tint 60% (50 %)* and photochromic reserve up to 85% (80 %)*, uses blue light absorption to separate informative light from disturbing parts, providing contrast enhancement in very bad light conditions and fully maintaining peripheral vision that is very important for movement coordination. Since ACTIsun amplifier changes - when necessary - to dark brown, it is a versatile filter for all kinds of outdoor sports under capricious  conditions.

ACTIsun neutralizer featuring integrated polarisation filter and highest glare protection has a  basic tint of 70% (60 %)* plus a photochromic reserve of up to 85% (80 %)*. Even when not yet activated, this filter combination provides unique contrast enhancement due to specific  neutralisation of glare reflections. Tints in a range of neutral grey guarantee pure colour vision even in special light conditions.

ACTIsun track is ideally suited for both, road and skiing, by day and by night. Even in declining  light, the light yellow-coloured filter remains functional, darkening - when necessary - up to 80 % (70%)* grey-brown. Since ACTIsun track lenses offer contrast enhancement by absoprtion of blue light, they are the perfect choice for motor cyclers, winter sports athletes and night active people, providing round-the-clock safety.

ACTIsun outdoor is the appropriate lens for countryside activities. The mid-level tint of 60 % (50   %)* blackberry reduces the „dark wall effect“ that occurs when in alternating light conditions brightness of light changes quickly, thus ensuring high-contrast vision when green and brown are the dominating ambient colours. Cyclists, tennis players and golfers all benefit from these  features.

Protection from sunlight is ensured by the photochromic reserve of up to 85 % (75 %)*. In bright sunlight the lens colour changes to dark brown. ACTIsun pola green, pola grey and pola brown  lenses offer constantly high light protection in direct sunlight, providing impressive contrast  enhancement by polarisation (= selective absorption of glaring light waves). Pola green und pola grey are convincing due to only little colour shift, pola brown reduces short-wave light, which  again, considerably improves contrast perception. Since Performer TTR models are equipped with lens changing technology, the complete lens features 100% effective polarisation. ACTIsun solid lenses are available in different options, reducing light purely by wave-dependent absorption.  Just like the classic sun protection tints solid green, solid grey and solid brown, solid orange,  which is a shade lighter, perfectly absorbs blue light.

In bad light conditions and mist it specifically absorbs short-wave light, thus eliminating „chromatic noise“ that superimposes the informative portion of light in the eye. Hence, solid orange also has a physiologically lightening effect. Our optician’s advice will help you find the right ACTIsun variant that meets your individual, very personal demands. Perhaps he will even recommend one or two pairs of interchangeable lenses. For, none of the TTR models offers a standard variant. Frame and lenses are always  configurated separately.

*Please note: For technical reasons ACTIsun prescription lenses are slightly lighter in colour than plano lenses.

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